NOT: The Soup Place, 14 Centre Place, Melbourne

The Soup Place Centre Place Melbourne

Before I have a mob of art school students boycotting the blog in protest at my NOT, let me get a word in edgewise. The Soup Place isn”t bad. It’s just that compared with all of the cafes in Centre Place and the vicinity, I wouldn’t particularly recommend it as a must-visit.

The Soup Place Centre Place Melbourne

From the bustling alleyway the cauldrons of ever-changing home-made soup varieties lures the passerby with the promise of warmth and comfort. When I asked the waiter which one was the best soup, he suggested the Portugese chicken.

The Soup Place Centre Place Melbourne

For $8.50 I received an enormous bowl of steaming soup with two slices of non-descript bread. Containing lots of rice and chickpeas and a few hunks of meat, it certainly was very filling and wholesome, but honestly for me soup is soup is soup – I just can’t get that excited by it. My companion had a spinach and cheese roll which was equally filling, mainly due to the presence of what seemed like a whole wheel of cheese. If I’d eaten that I wouldn’t have been able to stay awake for the afternoon.

If you do get a thrill from soup then maybe The Soup Place is for you. For around the same price, I’d prefer a sandwich from Migo’s, sushi from Sushi Ten or curry from Jolly J’s Curry Shack.

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15 thoughts on “NOT: The Soup Place, 14 Centre Place, Melbourne

  1. Hmm yeh I’m not huge on soup either. I like it when my mum makes it cos it’s always really yum – but I don’t like to pay for it all that much.

    Though I have had some good soups out – a minestrone at Mule in Sydney Rd and sweet corn and chicken at some place in Melbourne central. They were both fab….but chicken soup aint that hard to make at home.

    Though this has reminded me – years ago we went to Chowder House in Hepburn Springs and their corn chowder was GODLY. Came with warm corn bread too. Yum!
    .-= Esz´s last blog ..A proper drawing =-.

    • Oooh chowder. I looove chowder! Now if someone opened a chowder shop (like in Boston) then I’d be getting excited about it and perhaps even reneg my dismissal of soup as ‘just soup’.

      Jetsetting Joyce

  2. I’ve tried a few of the soups here and while most are as you say ‘just soup,’ I find myself trekking across town just to get my hands on the Middle Eastern Meatball, especially on cold winter days, that one is amazing

    • Hi pwm

      Thanks for the tip – Middle Eastern Meatball sounds more like my style, as I often find soup not filling enough for lunch. The Soup Place is near my work and maybe I might get a hankering for soup in the coming winter months.

      Jetsetting Joyce

  3. i went here yesterday for the first time and managed to get a seat inside. while it is squishy being in such close proximity with other customers as well as the kitchen, it was a great hideaway from the gusty weather.
    i had the minestrone soup and it was delicious! and very very filling! i saw a lot of people buying takeaway soup, although i’m not sure if it would taste the same after wondering about the city with a styrofoam cup of soup back to uni/work…

    are there any other great places in the city you would recommend for soup?

  4. I stumbled across this little gem late one saturday after and AFL match at the G. I would challenge anyone to find a better soup kitchen in Australia. Every time i visit ( once or twice a year ) the soup is consistent in taste and its always a struggle to find a vacant seat. Go get em Soup place….one of my all time faves.

    • Hi The Trademan

      Thanks for your comments. Yes the Soup Place is very popular (especially in winter) and I suspect that I’m probably in the minority here. Glad to hear that you’ve received consistently good soup there.

      Jetsetting Joyce

  5. Your choice looked great to me. That bottom photo looks smashing. You can expand your experience with soup by adding some of that roll to the soup in pieces, or dip it if you don’t care what others are thinking. You’ll find the soup naturally feels more substantial and the soup’s flavor will be that much more apparent if it isn’t just a liquid tasted separately.

  6. Soups remind me of two things, being sick and cold weather. Soups are great for those but otherwise, I wouldn’t replace my meal with it. Pumpkin soup is something I like as an appetizer though.

  7. Nice Soup place!! the ads with Graffiti paints are really attractive. I like the Spicy Chicken soup very much!! the arrangements are really cool and are pulling hearts of soup lovers. Thanks for sharing the information!!

  8. I went there today. I asked if one of the salads had gralic in it and was assured it did not (garlic makes me sick). Sure enough, when I got it back to my office and opened it, it was riddled with raw minced garlic. NOT cool at all.

  9. I’m a big fan of soups! I don’t know but I just love them… Nothing compares to having a soup in a cold weather… By the way, your Portugese chicken soup looks yummy! :)

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