HOT: Ramen Ya, Shop 25G Melbourne’s GPO, 350 Bourke St, Melbourne

Ramen Ya Melbourne's GPO Melbourne Hot or Not review

After the success of the inaugural Dumplings Fest, a bunch of food bloggers/tweeps gathered for the next [Insert Food] fest – this time in honour of ramen.

Sadly, good ramen joints are hard to find in Melbourne (although I’m predicting that they’re the next big dining trend, after izakayas and gastropubs have their time in the sun) and the specimens you encounter here are more often NOT than HOT.

Then someone suggested Ramen Ya and we all said YES! This casual eatery seats its patrons on backless stools and tiny tables that don’t encourage lingering, in authentic ramen stall style.  My choice was a bowl of their house specialty, the Charshu Pork Ramen with Tonkotsu soup, which was accompanied by three juicy gyoza and a warming genmaicha (brown rice green tea) for a budget-friendly $14. Ramen Ya specialises in ramen but also has bento boxes for those not noodle-inclined.

Ramen Ya Melbourne's GPO Melbourne Hot or Not review

Ramen Ya’s servings are huge even for  someone who’s been known to eat three bowls of udon in one sitting. There’s such a high degree of splatteridge that they provide you with bibs! The large bowl contained slices of thinly sliced meltingly tender pork, half an egg, some fake fish cake stuff that the Japanese seem to love and a whole lotta toothsome ramen. I found the dish as a whole a little bland but you could tell that the stock was properly made with pork bones and not just powdered soup powder spiked with MSG.

Ramen Ya Melbourne's GPO Melbourne Hot or Not review

In a cute little touch, while you’re waiting for your ramen (about 2 minutes) you can try your hand at some origami and make yourself an inflatable rabbit.

Ramen Ya Melbourne's GPO Melbourne Hot or Not review

For more Ramen Ya love, check out Tummyrumbles and  Melbourne Eating.

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10 thoughts on “HOT: Ramen Ya, Shop 25G Melbourne’s GPO, 350 Bourke St, Melbourne

  1. Ah, I’ve often walked by this place curious about it as I often stop in Kenzan for a sushi or two. :]

    Have you tried Momotaro Ramen on Bridge Road? Although I don’t eat ramen myself because I’m gluten intolerant, my mother really likes it and it’s quite authentic. :]

    • Hi Ashley

      I’ve never been to Momotaro Ramen, but the other ramen-eaters I was with all pooh-poohed it saying that it wasn’t that great, and that Ramen Ya was better and more authentic. I might give it a go just to compare.

      Jetsetting Joyce

  2. I tried the tonkotsu chashu ramen at both places, and Momotaro just doesn’t compare. They may have been having an off night when I went (it WAS 37 degrees out) but the tonkotsu soup didn’t even taste like it was made by lovingly simmering pork bones for six hours (the way real tonkotsu is made, the way Ramen Ya make it) and their chashu lacked the essential fat.

    Another recent contender – well, recent in my experience, it’s been around for a while – is Ito Noodle House, on the corner of Bourke St and Market Lane. No tonkotsu there – don’t be fooled by the tonkatsu ramen, another thing entirely – but the noodles themselves out-tooth(some) even Ramen Ya! I’ll have the blog post on that one up soon!
    .-= Billy´s last blog ..Maria’s Trattoria =-.

    • Hi Billy

      That’s interesting, I went to Ito Noodle House a while ago and didn’t think much of it. I did get my ramen takeaway so maybe the noodles had been getting soggy on the cycle home. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

      Jetsetting Joyce

      • The shoyu soup and the chashu weren’t much to write home about at Ito. But the noodle itself reminded me of Ichiban Boshi in Sydney. Satisfying, after two hours at the gym. 😉
        .-= Billy´s last blog ..Maria’s Trattoria =-.

    • Hi Alex

      No problems, will do. I think the next blogger meetup is another dumplings-making bash – if you’re interested tweet @cloudcontrol and @jeroxie to get details (as I won’t be able to go).

      Jetsetting Joyce

  3. LOL to the classy guy with the bib 😉

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned they have happy hour M-F ~14:30-~17:30 hours.

    $6.5 for a bowl of tonkotsu chashu ramen [or 3x for under @$20 if you’re feeling particularly ambitious 😀 is awesome bang for buck!]

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