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NOT: Becco, 25 Crossley St, Melbourne

Ever since I was a wee articled clerk, I’d wanted to go to Becco. In my very first rotation, my supervisor had told me that it was one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, and in fact he knew the chef so well that when his wife gave birth, Becco’s chef sent meals to her so she wouldn’t have to eat manky hospital food.

So I didn’t hesitate when selecting a venue for my first dinner back in MEL. I was in town for a one-night only performance and the stars had aligned so that I’d also be able to meet my London-based friend for dinner.

As we walked to the laneway restaurant, Renaissance Man (RM) said to me ‘you do know how expensive it is, don’t you?’. Gah, no! And even if I wasn’t unemployed and there wasn’t a recession, I think it’s safe to say that $30 for a bowl of pasta is NOT good value for money. My orecchiette only contained beans, mint and ricotta, for goodness sakes! It was good, but not that good….so sadly I won’t be going back unless someone else is footing the bill.

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