It’s a truth universally acknowledged in Melbourne that if you live on one side of the river you hardly ever cross to the other side of the river.

I’m living proof of that statement. I used to live south of the river and hardly ever travelled beyond the CBD. Now I live north of the river and can’t face a trip down Punt Road without packing a bag like I’m taking a day trip.

And don’t even think about getting me East or West – without a car and at the mercy of public transport that really is a day-trip!

Now thanks to Holden, I’ll be buzzing around the city in the new Holden Barina for a week. This is my chance to visit the areas of Melbourne that I wouldn’t normally get to.

So I’m asking for suggestions about the HOT places that I should visit – the hidden gems, your local favourites, the places that are difficult to get to by public transport. My only criteria is that it has to be within 45 minutes drive from the CBD and must be open during the daytime during the week ie not only on weekends.

Just leave me a comment below (so that you can share your tips with others) or if you’re too shy, send me an email at I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Beep beep!

Images thanks to Holden