Tell me where to go that’s HOT

It’s a truth universally acknowledged in Melbourne that if you live on one side of the river you hardly ever cross to the other side of the river.

I’m living proof of that statement. I used to live south of the river and hardly ever travelled beyond the CBD. Now I live north of the river and can’t face a trip down Punt Road without packing a bag like I’m taking a day trip.

And don’t even think about getting me East or West – without a car and at the mercy of public transport that really is a day-trip!

Now thanks to Holden, I’ll be buzzing around the city in the new Holden Barina for a week. This is my chance to visit the areas of Melbourne that I wouldn’t normally get to.

So I’m asking for suggestions about the HOT places that I should visit – the hidden gems, your local favourites, the places that are difficult to get to by public transport. My only criteria is that it has to be within 45 minutes drive from the CBD and must be open during the daytime during the week ie not only on weekends.

Just leave me a comment below (so that you can share your tips with others) or if you’re too shy, send me an email at I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Beep beep!

Images thanks to Holden


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13 thoughts on “Tell me where to go that’s HOT

    • Thanks Rowena! I’ve heard good things about Fitzrovia and it looks great.

      So far I’ve also received suggestions for the Nacional (Albert Park), Ernest V (Glenhuntly Road), Truman (Albert Park), Miss Marie (Rosanna), Were Street Montmorency…this week it looking to be very exciting (and I’ll have to work out how to use the GPS on my phone).

  1. Mel
    I think impartiality is crucial to the value of a blogger. When you head down the path of accepting gifts and promoting their products in your communications people could start to question whether you are an independent voice or a promotional vehicle.

    • Hi Lachlan, thanks for your comment. I understand where you’re coming from, I thought carefully about whether I should borrow the Barina or not. I decided to say yes because having the car for a week will give me the opportunity to travel to places in Melbourne that I wouldn’t otherwise get to as I don’t own a car, which is common knowledge on the blog.

      On balance I thought that it was better for the blog and its readers if I could review some places which weren’t located in the inner north for a change :–) Other than mentioning the fact that I’ve borrowed a car for a week in today’s post I won’t be reviewing the Barina as this is a blog about all things Melbourne.

      Cheers Joyce

  2. Hi, ‘ve been a longtime reader, first time commenter (thanks for being a handy guide for whenever I plan a trip to the other side of town, which is often enough)! If you’re down in East St. Kilda, I can recommend Ernest V., the Carre St. Deli and Nytiate Thai in Elsternwick, Yellow Sparrow in Ripponlea, as well as Batch and Monk Bodhi Darma in Balaclava. Additionally, Borscht, Vodka and Tears in Chapel, and her sister After The Tears in Elsternwick are identical and well worth checking out as well. They’re all personal favourites of mine.

  3. Yarraville
    – Acqua e Vino (wine bar)
    – Cornershop (breakfast, lunch or dinner)

    – Duchess of Spotswood (breakfast)

    – Dinknesh Lucy (Ethiopian)
    – Ebi fine foods (Fish & Chips with a Japanese twist)

    -The Pint of Milk

  4. Hi Joyce! Come visit us in Greville Street. Love to show you our new cafe alongside the handcrafted wares at A Shop Called Milton, Grattan Garden and its fountains are great fun for NKOTB, say hi to Malachi at Northside Wheelers.
    Mind you, we’re really easy to get to by train, with Prahran Station at the end of the strip… so come by any time.
    Have fun… beep beep!

  5. you could visit geelong for the day. it is 1 hours drive from melbourne, but people normally don’t mind because geelong has beautiful beaches and lovely seafood places.
    but if you are really up for a coffee there is a great place called the rusty duck larder which is opposite the train station in Moonee ponds. They are a coffee shop that serves decent coffee and is open on weekdays as well as weekends.
    and you can drive to moonee ponds too in about 20 mins from the cbd

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