Whenever I visit Tokyo I have a couple of places on my shopping must-go list (1) La Foret for six floors of cute designer fashion (2) graniph tshirt store for RM; and (3) Tokyu Hands department store for all manner of useful and cute Japanese household goods.

I don’t think that I’m going to have to opportunity to head to Japan any time soon and sadly Melbourne doesn’t offer the same kind of shopping experiences. The closest we get is Tokuya, our version of a Japanese 100 Yen shop hidden in the basement on Bourke Street.

To the dulcet tones of J-pop you can browse through aisles of stationery, storage solutions, giftwrap, suction hooks, makeup, hair accessories, kitchenware and the largest selection of plastic microwave containers outside of IKEA. Better still, everything is priced at $3.50, although some more luxe items (like the bike rear view mirror) are $4.50.

Things that caught my eye:

Colourful paper! Glitter pens! Pastel sticky tape! This is the kind of stuff that I used to play with as a kid. They also have postcards and letter-writing sets emblazoned with Japlish phrases like ‘We are happy times!’. And yes, origami is fun!

Pregnancy sign so that people will offer their seat to me on the tram.

Gingham gift wrapping paper. Adorable. They also have a good run of nice looking gift bag sets, perfect for gifting those odd-shaped items.

The cutest cupcake wrappers I’ve ever seen.

A range of nursing products. I thought they were funny but also quite sweet. The young cartoon woman looks so happy caring for her elderly relative.

A fabulous range of bike products, from reflective bits, lace handlebar covers (can’t work out whether they’re for warmth, aesthetics or to protect against rain), spoke reflectors, net basket covers and my favourite, the umbrella holder which screws onto your front fork.

I think Tokuya is worth an hour of dedicated browsing – everything is seriously kawaii!!!!

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