Roule Galette Scotts Alley 241 Flinders Lane Melbourne

Roule Galette Scotts Alley 241 Flinders Lane Melbourne

After my less than impressive crepe at Breizoz, I’m not quite sure why I decided to eat crepes again so soon. Maybe because I was at a loose end on a Tuesday night waiting for my film to start and Roule Galette seemed like a friendly little unpretentious cafe where I could read the paper and have a quick dinner.

Roule Galette Scotts Alley 241 Flinders Lane Melbourne

The menu of savoury and sweet buckwheat crepes caters to traditional crepe tastes. I decided to go for the Forestiere (mushrooms, bacon, cheese, bechamel) because the recipe came from the owner’s father. Michel used to eat  it with his other six brothers and sisters when he was growing up and I just have visions of them all sitting along a big wooden table laughing and eating in a row like the Von Trapp family. My crepe was made and delivered by a young chic Frenchman who skipped along to the music and chatted in rapid French to his equally young and chic friends who stopped by for their crepe fix.

The crepe was wonderfully filling, stuffed with a generous amount of gooey cheese and oozing bechamel. For $9.50, a great value meal. They do takeaway too!

If you like Japanese crepes instead, try Harajuku Crepes.

Update 11 September 2009: Met the jolly owner Michel last night and had a chat to him about his crepes. With much fingers-to-lips smacking, he told me that his personal crepe recommendations were the Monsieur K crepe (raclette and prosciutto) or the Saint Jacques (scallops). He also suggested that if you want to use chestnut puree in your crepes, buy Sabaton from The Essential Ingredient.

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