HOT: Rose Garden BBQ Shop, 435 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Rose Garden may sound romantic but it’s not the sort of restaurant where you’d take a first date.

But go with your friends, your colleagues, your relatives, on your own – it’s that good!

The small no-frills restaurant specialises in cheap, quick Cantonese fare. It’s a favourite amongst international students and office workers during the week, though we also spied curious tourists (it’s the only place on the street with a lineup outside) and families with young children sitting at the outdoor tables.

The menu is vast so as a newbie I suggest you go straight to the Rose Garden Top 10. We tried #1 and #2 Р spicy green bean with minced chicken on rice and fried rice with shredded duck and preserved vegetables respectively. A ridiculous $9.50 each for a huge plate of food.

Both dishes were full of flavour (watch out, those spicy beans are definitely spicy!) and didn’t seem to be too MSG heavy, though I suggest you sip the complementary tea regularly to cut through the slightly greasy feeling which will gather in your mouth afterwards.

Service is almost non-existent. You pay when you order so there’s no messing around with getting bills at the end. It’s quick in, quick out – and darn delicious. I’m returning to try #3-#10 on the Top 10!

For other cheap and cheerful Chinese food in the city, try Gold Star Noodle House, Pancake Dessert House and The Grand BBQ.

Rose Garden BBQ Shop, 435 Elizabeth St, Melbourne +61 3 9329 1560
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6 thoughts on “HOT: Rose Garden BBQ Shop, 435 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

  1. I always think the main problem with this place is getting a seat! But I wanted to pass on that Gold Star Noodle House has closed, replaced by a Malaysian place I’ve not yet tried (Laksa House maybe?).

  2. Both me and mr. loved their spicy green beans with minced meat too!Got to go back for some soon :)
    Try their thai style curry and deep fried chicken ribs next time.

  3. No one has mentioned the BBQ duck on rice? They do great BBQ/roast pork too.

    As for those ribs … yum yum yum!

    There’s my lunch sorted tomorrow!

  4. Totally agree this place has some good food. I love those spicy green beans and the spicy chicken ribs are yummo. Getting hungry just thinking about it. We’ve always seen the place so packed and it wasn’t till we tried it we understood why, I mean the place isn’t flashy at all but guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover!

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