HOT: Pushka, 20 Presgrave Place, Melbourne

Pushka melbourne

Pushka melbourne

I grew up going to church with my Mum every Sunday and I know it’s bizarre, but walking up Pesgrave Place towards Pushka reminded me of the Stations of the Cross. I think it was the semi-religious tone of the Old Masters paintings nailed to the brickwork. And the bright white light at the end of the dark alley which heralded the entrance to this kooky hole-in-the-wall cafe.

pushka melbourne

Faced with a choice of baguettes (salami, chicken or capronata), I asked the staff and the customers lounging at the bar for their recommendation. One of the louche group suggested the salami baguette ($8), as it was salami unlike any they’d ever tasted. I also spotted the Portugese custard tarts and remembering them from eons ago, I took one with me as well ($3).

pushka melbourne

Like Maria in The Sound of Music, one of my favourite things is brown paper packages tied up with string. It’s a small detail, but equally I love the sense of ritual about unwrapping a sandwich tied up with string. The bread had a satisfying crunch and the salami was certainly very good with a strong flavour paired with rocket and mild cheese. Unfortunately the tart disappointing, as the custard had been glazed with some strange gluey mixture and the pastry clumped into a big ball of dough in my mouth.  Next time, stick to the sandwiches.

Pushka melbourne

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2 thoughts on “HOT: Pushka, 20 Presgrave Place, Melbourne

  1. wow! the baguette looks delicious!

    i went there on a friday afternoon and they were closed!! a little bit bummed but i did have a wonder about little collins and found some amazing (shoe) shops instead.

    might go back again soon though…plus i am a sucker for portugese tarts 😛 maybe the tarts were having a bad day?

    • Hi Brittany

      That’s a shame it was closed – I’ve never seen it closed on a weekday. I’ve been back since for more baguettes and can report the same quality. Have been avoiding the Portugese custard tarts since my last poor experience, so it you try them please let me know if the tart has improved!

      Jetsetting Joyce

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