HOT: Mr Price’s Foodstore, 502 Queensberry St, North Melbourne


The first time someone wrote to me ‘looking forward to meeting you IRL’ I had to look up what IRL meant. Ah – In Real Life!

Since joining the Twitterverse a few months ago, I’ve been collecting followers and following others. Most of the people I’ve never met IRL, despite knowing all about their likes, dislikes, thoughts and habits. But as many tweeters know, there comes a point where if you want to grow your relationship you have to take your online conversations offline.

So one afternoon @sammartino tweeted an invitation for twenty of his Twitter followers to join him at Mr Price’s Foodstore for dinner. It was the perfect IRL blind date – I’d heard good reports about Mr Price’s Foodstore but it’s only open during the week for lunch, which meant that it was unlikely that I’d ever have the chance to review it. Plus it would be a chance to meet the humans behind their Twitter handles (hello @IdeasCulture @ScottKilmartin @Valeriekhoo @GinaMilicia @mildlycurious @lilylauren @andrewsayer @ppeach @CheyanneBrae).


Gary Price is chef and host at Mr Price’s Foodstore, which has been styled to look like someone’s warm, welcoming house. Lining the walls were sepia-toned photographs, stack of dusty looking books, twee oil paintings and various front-parlour paraphernalia. The mismatched wooden furniture further added to the quirky grandma feel to the space. In another quirk, there’s no menu – basically Mr Price goes out to the markets each day and then you’re given a choice as to what’s seasonal and fresh for that day.

To start it was a choice between an asparagus salad and a creamy pasta, salmon with a butter lemon sauce, roast chicken or beef shanks for mains and crème caramel or cheese for dessert. My pasta was ok but my neighbour described it as looking like Continental Alfredo pasta packet mix. The salad was disappointing, given the three stalks of asparagus offered for $13. My salmon fillet was veering towards the overcooked and I noticed that a number of people left the chicken unfinished. I didn’t try the dessert but opinions ranged from 10/10 to 3/10 for the crème caramel.

The cosy décor and the diverse and congenial company greatly tipped the balance of Mr Price to HOT for me, as I can’t really give a thumbs up to the food that night. I’m also willing to be generous with Mr Price given that it’s probably not usual for him to cook for masses of people all at once.

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7 thoughts on “HOT: Mr Price’s Foodstore, 502 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

  1. Joyce,

    I agree the food was average that night. But the first time I went there the food was awesome. I really think he’s not geared for dinners usually it’s no more than 10 people at lunch, which makes the food better and the service is also more personal.


    • Hi Steve

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear that the food is generally better during normal lunch service, as I was wondering what all the hype and rave reviews were talking about. It’s good for other readers to know that my experience at dinner was probably not reflective of the quality that a diner can usually expect from Mr Price.

      Jetsetting Joyce

    • Agree. Ordinary. Gary Price is rude and intoxicated. He ruined lunch and a subsequent dinner with his attitude. We were here for dinner and not his over bearing character. Close shop and go into rehab you violent man.

  2. I could not imagine a better or more welcoming and relaxed place to share lunch with friends. The food is always simple, varied and wonderfully presented. Mr Price is a true gem, and his Food Store a pleasure

  3. I’ve dined at Mr Price’s over four occassions on a Friday night in 2010. Each time the food and menu choices have been facinating, delicious and expertly cooked and sourced from fresh, where possible, organic produce. As for my experiences…Just lucky? Who knows, but the negativity in your review of Mr Price’s is anomolous. With all due respect, perhaps another visit on a Friday night may prompt a more accurate critique.

    • Hi Harry

      Thanks for your comment. I didn’t realise that Mr Price was usually open on Friday nights? That’s great news, as I am very happy to give it another try given the rave reviews from others and what I suspect was a difficult night with 30+ people descending all at one go.

      Jetsetting Joyce

  4. I had the most wonderful birthday function at Mr.Price’s. He embraced the whole ‘surprise,’ aspect and was very accommodating to the wishes of my family. Guests loved the homely atmosphere and the food was delicious. Serving a full restaurant main courses together was done efficiently and the friendliness of Gary and his two staff was faultless.
    Gary was more than obliging when it came to the dietary requirements of two of the guests even serving gluten free bread.
    A night to remember.

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