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HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

P1030671v1 HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

Since returning to Australia after two years overseas, I’ve developed a hypothesis that Australian food trends lag behind the northern hemisphere (especially the US and UK) by 1-2 years. That means that I’m expecting to see a flurry of gastropub openings in Melbourne in the near future (probably macaron specialists and ramen stalls a year after that), which is fine by me as I’m not much of a drinker or big-screen sports fan, so I’m only attracted to pubs which serve good food.

To mark my point, ex-Melburnian and celebrity chef Luke Mangan has returned to open his new gastropub venture, The Palace, in the middle of nowhere in South Melbourne. Given that the location consists of almost no foot traffic and there’s a big-ass picture of Mr Mangan hoisted up on the side of the building, I expect that initially The Palace will be relying heavily on Luke Mangan‘s fame to bring in the punters. Then I imagine the kitchen’s reputation will overtake the name-dropping, because in my view, the food is very very good.

We stopped briefly to check out the bar area (sleek, shiny, a little bit opulent) before being seated for our meal in the dining room. I never went to The Palace before its renovation, but I was a bit disappointed by the fitout of the dining room. I know a gastropub is not supposed to be a challenging environment but the interior design was so staid and safe (muted colours, bare white walls, corporate-reception floral arrangement) that its dullness actually became noticeable. RM and I agreed that reminded us of the uninspiring and forgettable surrounds of a Qantas Club. The one great thing was that the activity in the kitchen was completely open for viewing, making for some fun entertainment.

P1030693v1 HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

To the food. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight – don’t go to a gastropub expecting the food and drink to be at pub prices. The menu at The Palace has starters around $15-$18, mains at $30-35 (with three ‘to share’ dishes of barramundi, roast chicken or chateaubriand) and desserts at $14. For me, that’s ok as the menu moves beyond the bangers-and-mash and fish-and-chips standards to more innovative dishes, while still catering for the pub meal traditionalists in its grill menu of meat, meat, and more meat served with veg.

To start, big juicy oven baked prawns served with a slightly spicy mango salsa and roquette salad ($18). RM loved this dish, a perfect summer marriage of lightness and kick with bright, fresh flavours.

P1030665v1 HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

My starter was a crab omelette in a miso mustard broth $18). I couldn’t taste much of the miso or mustard in the broth, but no matter, as the omelette was a stand out, a mix between the mint and coriander flavours of a banh xeo and a melting Cantonese oyster omelette filled with large pieces of crab meat. The topping of fried shallots and sesame seed sprinkle gave the eggy fluffiness a nice contrasting crunch.

P1030668v1 HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

The barramundi with chorizo, fennel salad and spiced eggplant ($32) was a punchy dish of Spanish/Middle Eastern flavours. It was very good for RM, but not as much of a highlight as the prawns.

P1030686v1 HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

My main was a generous portion of pan-fried gnocchi with white asparagus and cauliflower polonaise (a sort of crunchy topping) with truffle oil. I normally avoid gnocchi because you never know whether you’re going to end up with a wad of potato glued to the roof of your mouth, but The Palace ‘s version was one of the best examples of  gnocchi I’ve ever had. Not floury, not sticky and slightly glutinous pellets of potato paired with light spring flavours. 

P1030689v1 HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

As I mentioned before, a large focus in the choices of main dishes is meat from the grill. The diners at the next table informed us that it was one of the best steak meals they’d ever had. High praise indeed when you feel compelled to praise your dinner to strangers!

For us, the grand finale was the chocolate fondant with cookies and cream icecream ($14). There’s no picture because as soon as RM dipped his spoon into the centre, a lava of molten chocolate came gushing out. He yelled “Hurry! Hurry! Take the photo!” but in my haste to capture the moment everything came out blurry. So you’ll just have to believe RM when he declared it the best dessert he’s ever had in Melbourne. This from a man who doesn’t generally descend into superlatives when describing food.

Finally, my admiration goes to the smooth kitchen and floor service on only the second day of public opening. No hiccups, no mix-ups, no panicking. Both the food and the service were poised, confident and consummately professional. The Palace should do very well.

For other gastropub recommendations, try The Court House, O’Connell’s Centenary Hotel and The Carringbush.

minilink HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne

pixel HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne


7 comments for “HOT: The Palace by Luke Mangan, 505 City Rd, South Melbourne”

  1. I am a friend of CC (the guest blogger). Stumbled onto your post on The Palace last night and decided to go check it out today for lunch.

    You were right. The outstanding dish was the Chocolate Fondant! We tried the bar menu, but will go back and dine properly at dinner time next time.

    Service was attentive and friendly like you said. I like my gastro pubs and I don’t think Melbourne has enough of them.

    Posted by Corin | January 3, 2010, 10:27 pm
    • Hi Corin

      Really glad to have you on board as a new reader! And that you liked The Palace’s chocolate fondant. Did you have any outstanding dishes from the bar menu? My prediction is that gastropubs will be our next dining out trend – let’s see whether Melbourne can pick up a few more places with the same quality as The Palace.

      Jetsetting Joyce

      Posted by Jetsetting Joyce | January 4, 2010, 9:37 am
  2. Talking about Gastro Pubs. I also like The Grand on Burnley street and am going to check out The Courthouse on Errol Street sometime this month.

    Posted by Corin | January 5, 2010, 12:20 am
    • I’ve not been to The Grand but enjoyed my dinner at the Court House (gave it a HOT). Really relaxed vibe and friendly service in the front bar area with good solid pub food. I’ve not been in the fancier dining area but it is award-winning. Another good gastropub I’ve heard about is Royal Saxon in Richmond.

      Just had a thought – if you’re up for a place for food that will really blow your mind in Errol Street, I recommend Auction Rooms, which is pretty much across the street from the Court House. Fabulous fit out and apparently amazing coffee too.

      Jetsetting Joyce

      Posted by Jetsetting Joyce | January 6, 2010, 10:35 am
  3. Will put Royal Saxon on my list of places to try out soon.

    Auction room’s coffee is good – its my sunday haunt :)

    Posted by Corin | January 8, 2010, 12:10 pm
  4. Heading to the Palace tonight, can’t wait to try a few of the dishes. The gnocci looked delicious!

    Posted by andy Cos | January 27, 2010, 4:29 pm
    • Hi Andy

      When I went The Palace it was within the first week of opening when they still had a limited menu. Now that it’s up and running, the menu is much more extensive – and the gnocchi may not be available any more! Anyway, from all reports the food is excellent overall.

      Jetsetting Joyce

      Posted by Jetsetting Joyce | January 27, 2010, 5:43 pm

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