HOT: Newtown Social Club, 180 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Newtown Social Club is a low-key neighbourhood café which the posers of Brunswick Street are unlikely to give a second glance.

That’s a good thing for the rest of us, as the small space only has  a window-facing bar and some vintage vinyl 60s swivel chairs tucked next to the small tables. It’s quiet and cosy and the food served is simple and honest fare.

For lunch you can select from the all-day breakfast menu (many people seem to be going for the baked eggs of the day), filled pides and bagels.

J and I shared a pot of earl grey tea and two pides, one filled with artichoke hearts and the other with prosciutto ($8). The standout ingredient for both sandwiches was the grainy fresh basil pesto slathered onto the springy bread and the fillings were obviously fresh despite the sandwiches being pre-prepared.

The staff are friendly and seem to know the regulars and I could easily see Newtown Social Club being an extension of my loungeroom, except with quirkier, funkier decor.

  • Newtown Social Club, 180 Brunswick St, Fitzroy +61 3 9415 7337

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5 thoughts on “HOT: Newtown Social Club, 180 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

  1. This looks awesome… now I’m so hungry.

    I like the little sign that says “It’s not the end of the world” though. Thanks for the reminder. 😛

  2. I love places like this—quaint little coffee shops. Those cupcakes look delicious. The sandwich reminds me of a panini, regardless it looks so good. A lot of the times places like this serve a great breakfast too. :-)

  3. @ Jetsetting Joyce

    I read your post 8 months ago, just before a long trip in Australia.

    And what’s the first place I went when I arrived in Fitzroy? The Newtown Social Club :-)

    I cannot recommend this place enough.


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