HOT: Monsieur Truffe, 90 Smith St, Collingwood

Monsieur Truffe, 90 Smith St Collingwood

Today it felt like a big bad wolf was trying to blow my house down. I literally felt myself being lifted off my feet as I struggled my way up gusty Smith Street, so it was a relief to duck mid-trip into the haven of Monsieur Truffe.

As soon as I stepped inside this chocolate shop and cafe, the smell of patisserie engulfed my delighted nose. Then I spied the wall of rows upon rows of wrapped chocolate ($10 a bar). With a deep happy sigh, I sank into one of the cushy couches and waited for my chocolate treats to arrive.

We each tried a nerve-soothing thick hot chocolate ($4.90), served in homely ceramic cups complete with a little carved wooden spoon like the ones I bought from Japan. Brett and Bek purchased some dark chocolate truffles with jelly lime centres to take back to non-gusty Brisbane and RM and I enjoyed the extra indulgence of a rich flourless chocolate cake (very reasonably priced $3.90) and a chocolate and nut button (very unreasonably priced $2.45).

Basically, cosy little Monsieur Truffe was the most perfect place I could imagine to shelter from cold, wind, rain and general weather unpleasantness, other than my bed. Oui, merci bien, encore!

Monsieur Truffe, 90 Smith St Collingwood

You can check out more chocolatey-goodness in the neighbourhood from Shocolate.

Update: Le Monsieur has temporarily stopped offering their dessert indulgences on Thursday to Sunday evenings with pastry chef Pierre Roelofs (ex-Interlude and ex-Deanery, recently shortlisted to the top 8 for an international desserts comp in Barcelona with Espai Sucre). Time to picket outside the shop for its return!

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10 thoughts on “HOT: Monsieur Truffe, 90 Smith St, Collingwood

    • Oooh good tip Fitzroyalty! I looove chocolate croissants, I used to have one (two to tell you the truth) every week with my Sunday papers. I will wander down to Monsieur Truffe next Sunday if it’s not gusty again.

    • Hi Indolent Dandy – on your recommendation I tried the pain au chocolat and the delicieux yesterday. You are right, they were amazingly flaky and buttery – almost like a Danish butter cookie in pastry form. Thanks for the tip!

  1. A chance to experience Pierre’s desserts again!!!

    Dessert whiz Pierre Roelofs will give Melbourne a chance to sample his latest creations when he teams up with Vue de Monde sommelier Raul Moreno Yague for a unique event at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

    On Monday 15th March, the two will use the workshop to explore and explain the process of matching Pierre’s exceptional desserts with equally exceptional and unusual wines. They plan to serve three unique dessert and wine combinations at the dinner to illustrate their ideas and discoveries. And all for only $50 per person!

    For further information and bookings follow the link to the MFWF website-

  2. Joyce—-
    Pierre starts dessert only evenings at Cafe Rosamond on APRIL 22nd. Only Thursdays at the moment but hopefully the crowds will encourage him to extend the evenings.

    • Hi Michelle

      Thanks – my friends and I are planning a dessert outing that first night at Rosamond. We were so sad to miss his time at Monsieur Truffe. We hope we can get in on the first night, I called and Rosamond said they won’t take bookings.

      Jetsetting Joyce

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