HOT: Macaron Tasting, Famish’d, 130 Little Collins St, Melbourne

In case you’ve been hiding under an epicurean rock, macarons are the next big (if not already the big) thing in the world of sweets and pastries. Look – even The Age declared it so.

I LOVE macarons. In fact, one of my enduring memories of visiting Geneva was not the lake, the old town or the UN buildings – but visiting Laduree, buying a box containing every single flavour then lazing in a sunny park with RM and devouring them in one sitting. Yes, my capacity for macarons is quite astounding.

So when Em from It Pleases Us asked me to help with blind-tasting macarons for her friend’s café, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Finally, a chance to flex some macaron muscle!

Famish’d is a breakfast-lunchtime café catering to the office crowds down the Paris end of Collins Street and its focus is on fresh, healthy food. The owner Georgia greeted us warmly, opened a bottle of wine and then down to business – six macaron makers, over sixty macarons. Crazy, huh?

Until I’d eaten many macarons side by side I’d never realised that there could be such disparity in look, texture and flavour. Some were neat little pops of colour, others looked like kiddie patty-cakes – in fact I deducted points for macarons which were inconsistently shaped. Colours varied from artificial to pallid. Flavours ranged from teeth-achingly sweet to almost undetectable. Textures sadly were mostly too gluey and dense in the middle or with large air pockets inside the biscuit. And as much as I love macarons, honestly some of them were not very nice.

Like true professionals, Em and I took a bite out of each macaron from a particular flavour (ie all pistachio, all lemon, all coffee etc), put the remainder in our takeaway boxes and made our judgements. In the end, our unanimous vote went to La Tropezienne for the best consistency in texture, flavour and pretty presentation. And Gabriel Gate agrees with us!

You’ll be finding La Tropezienne’s macarons at Famish’d in the next few weeks. And I guess if you go in and you don’t like your macaron, you know it’s partly me to blame :–)

  • Macaron Tasting, Famish’d, 130 Little Collins St, Melbourne +61 3 9004 0322

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17 thoughts on “HOT: Macaron Tasting, Famish’d, 130 Little Collins St, Melbourne

  1. Sounds delicious, on my next visit to Famish’d (twice a week for lunch) I’m looking forward to having Macaroons with my coffee, Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. That’s crazy, as I’m reading this I’m having La Trapozienne’s macarons at this very moment! One’s raspberry and one’s chocolate, and I got mine for Les Parisennes Pates, the French grocery on Lygon St (near the corner of Lygon and Grattan!) They’re fab, good to know there’s a city location I can grab some from as well!

  3. Gosh.. I would have loved to be part of the tasters!! I just wasted 2 whole nights up to the wee hours attempting to make macarons, FAILED.. gave up and went to Lindt in desperation.

  4. When I was in Paris this year, I ate (and blogged) 66 macarons in 2 weeks. So I’m with you in your macaron-eating capacity.

    And I wish I could’ve been *with you* here too! 😀

  5. Oh wow! What enourmous fun! I have to say I wasn’t entirely fond of La Tropezienne’s macarons the first time I had them on Glenferrie Rd, but it was a while ago so perhaps they’ve perfected the recipe.

    Will have to revisit Famish’d soon! :)

  6. oooooo what an awesome task!
    which other places were represented amongst the macaron making?
    I must agree their macarons are perfect looking, but i remmeber when i went about half a year ago they were slightly dry and filling err’ed a little on the bland side (though probably a different interpretation compared to the super sweet ones that you can get). Though then again they may have improved from then, +/- batch variability.=) i shall go try again. hehe

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