HOT: The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place, Melbourne

I’ve never understood the need for men to have spaces like private clubs or sheds. Women don’t seem to require those same physical boundaries and RM has not been able to explain why men need it to my satisfaction.

The Kelvin Club opened is a private members club for men and women, but the decor is very much that of an old-money mens’ club – leather couches, billiard tables, a long wooden bar, maroon carpet and moose antlers on the wall. The club is currently open to MIFF members during MIFF (you get a free drink too), so I thought I’d take the opportunity to visit it as it’s not likely that I’ll ever be invited.

On the HOT side, the ambiance was cosy and the service was very personal and friendly – Sam the waiter had written on our bill ‘Enjoy your film and life’. On the NOT side, the food was poor. I tried a thin sour-tasting curry soup ($7.50) and four insipid spinach and ricotta pastries ($4), neither of which were very good. I guess though that if you’re going to a members club you’re probably not going there for the food, and for that the club gets a HOT.

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3 thoughts on “HOT: The Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place, Melbourne

  1. A very clear and concise review on Kevin Club. Yes, men love to be private at times. This is not a new thing. People run off to hills, clubs or golf clubs, may be to handle immense pressure and rejuvenate their bodies.

    Women have the ability to form into groups anytime anywhere. I have seen most private clubs for men do serve low quality food. May be they concentrate on other entertaining stuff.


    • Darla,

      The reason for the low quality food, is indeed, because the costs of membership are all spent towards subsidizing the beer and cigars. haha.

      But in reality, men have the ability to form into groups anytime and anywhere, as well. We just choose to form into groups at good places – like pubs and such – instead of tupperware party’s and city centro malls.

  2. For me, Kevin Club is Hot. Although it’s only open for private members, it’s a good place to relax and have some fun. I also love the food which are serve there. I became a member of Kevin Club because of my friend. Men must also have their private time and I think Kevin Club is the place to be.

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