HOT: Fritz Gelato, Stall 120, Prahran Market, Elizabeth St, South Yarra

I’m not a hot-weather person. That’s the explanation I give when people ask me why I moved from sunny Queensland to drizzly Melbourne.

The one benefit of hot weather though is it gives me a good excuse to eat ice cream as a meal (although I eat quite a bit of ice cream in winter too…hmmm…). A and I met south of the river for a bit of a poke around on a very hot afternoon and decided that instead of a proper lunch we were going to have gelati instead. She recommended Fritz Gelato at Prahran Market as she was a regular client of their St Kilda store.

Fritz Gelato pride themselves on using fresh organic ingredients in their gelati and it seems that the high quality of their product is well-recognised. In the small cabinet at least half of the flavours had a sign saying ‘award-winning’, making it difficult to choose the two flavours of my small tub ($5).

In the end, I went for cinnamon donut and tiramisu. Both gelati were super-creamy, with the cinnamon spice very subtle compared to the espresso hit in the tiramisu. The pure flavours were definitely superior to the artificial flavouring you sometimes get in gelati and it lacked the aftertaste you often find with products made from powders. I particularly loved the tiramisu, mostly because you get actual savoiardi biscuits in it – it’s like one of those Singaporean ice-cream sandwiches you get with sliced white bread.

To read more about my search for the perfect gelato, click here.

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2 thoughts on “HOT: Fritz Gelato, Stall 120, Prahran Market, Elizabeth St, South Yarra

  1. Put Gelato on the list of wonderful things that you just can’t find everywhere. Some places you will not find a single retailer selling any sort of gelato.
    Seems they had about every flavor you could want.

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