HOT: Crust, 350 Smith St, Fitzroy

Crust 350 Smith St Fitzroy

Is it possible for a pizza to be healthy and tasty?

Gourmet pizza makers Crust have started selling a range of pizzas called ‘Healthier choice‘. It’s not just a meaningless euphemism for ‘vegetarian’ or ‘fewer toppings’ – the freshly made pizzas have literally been given the National Heart Foundation tick of approval, which means that they meet the Tick‘s strict standards for serving size, saturated fat, salt and vegetable/fibre content. What it translates to is a medium sized pizza fit for one, with a wholemeal base and a balance of ingredients which are still delicious but won’t leave you burping up fat and grease into the wee hours.

Crust 350 Smith St Fitzroy

Our friendly local Crust store, decked out in the new Crust skyline paintings, has been open for four weeks now and already has a steady customer base (one of the owners said that a guy has been ordering the pizzas three times a week). I’ll certainly be heading back to try out the rest of the Healthier choice range.

For more great pizza, try DOC in Carlton.

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2 thoughts on “HOT: Crust, 350 Smith St, Fitzroy

  1. So this pizzeria has branched out from Richmond where I first tasted it! Looking forward to sampling their goods again in Melbourne – I’ve pretty much gone off pizzas living in London. Pizza Express has a lot to answer for!

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