Coco Rice 10 Manchester Lane Melbourne Indonesian

Coco Rice is one of the classier cheap-dish-with-rice joints in the CBD. As its name suggests, it specialises in coconut rice and Indonesian food in general and the small, brightly-lit restaurant is located in swish Manchester Lane, well away from the harsh flourescent lights and dumpster aromas of Chinatown.

Coco Rice 10 Manchester Lane Melbourne Indonesian

Most of the lunch workers and students come here for Coco Rice‘s packages – a plastic segmented container of rice, dishes of your choice and condiments. I tried the Traditional Java Rice package ($9.50) containing dry shredded beef, chilli green beans, a very mild chicken and egg curry and rice topped with strips of omelette and some unexpected texture in the form of sticky-sweet homemade chips. The package normally comes with plain rice and although I asked for coconut rice I’m not sure I received it – either that or the coconut rice is very mild in flavour.

I like the fact that you could graze on lots of different textures and flavours in one dish and Coco Rice does nice presentation, but I can’t say that the food blew me away. It’s a pleasant place for a quick, cheap meal that will fill you up if you’re on the go.

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