HOT: Brunetti, 214 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Brunetti City Square Flinders Lane Gelato

Given the heatwave that we’ve been experiencing in Melbourne lately, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to eat icecream for lunch. Scooping gelati under the shade of a big umbrella makes me feel like I’m on holiday!

Brunetti in City Square is perfectly located for a working icecream lunch. The small counter has a selection of about a dozen flavours, ranging from lighter fruit options to rich chocolate and nut combinations. Between us we had a child’s cup each of ($3.30) of lemon, apple and mint and choc chip gelato.

brunetti gelato city square

The lemon was a little bit too tangy for my liking, but apparently lemon gelati is a great digestive aid.  Here’s an interesting medical story for you: my friend A once entered an impromptu ribs-eating competition against a big burly Swedish man, and almost passed out from over-eating. Her friends carried her to the nearest gelati shop to force-feed her some lemon gelati in a bid to help all the meat go down. And she felt better afterwards (but is now vegetarian – not sure whether there’s a link)! True story, scout’s honour.

My mint and choc chip number was good but nothing particularly spectacular, so the winning vote went to the seasonal apple gelato. What I can say, it tasted really….apple-y. Kind of like concentrated apple juice in gelati format. It was unusual and refreshing for a hot day and given the weather forecast for the rest of this week, I’ll think I’ll be heading back for a scoop of it another lunchtime.

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3 thoughts on “HOT: Brunetti, 214 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

  1. After a work function we stopped for a gelati here on a hot summer’s night as well. There were about 10 of us so there were variety in scoops chosen. But the verdict were all the same – it’s ok but we’ve had better elsewhere. So this is a NOT from me.

    We had coffee and cakes at their adjacent cafe as well. Terrible cannollis and coffee that I couldn’t beat to finish. The cannollis were oily and left an awful after taste.

    Overall I think the Brunetti brand is very over rated.

    • Hi TruffleMe

      Oh, that’s a shame. I actually really like Brunetti and always take visitors to the Carlton store as they delight in the very Italianate atmosphere and glass cabinets of goodies. I’ve never had the coffee or cannoli so can’t comment, but I do agree on the gelati – I’ve had better. Still, in the city it’s one of the few places that offers gelati for a sneaky work lunch treat, so I’m a big supporter of their Flinders St branch.

      Jetsetting Joyce

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