Argos Loves Company is a cute-as-a-button cafe in the previously unpopular but now revived end of Brunswick Street.

I first noticed the cafe because of the brightly coloured wooden blocks lining the window sill. A peek inside elicited a little squeal of delight – a pretty pastel room complete with a vintage kitchen scale, biscuit tin and teapot collection, a shiny wooden bar-cum-cake cupboard and a large canvas picture of a gambolling pooch. It’s like your granny’s kitchen updated for the inner north.

The menu is equally quaint and homely rather than cutting edge – not a speck of quinoa to be found. There’s bread, muesli, fruit and eggs for the all day breakfast (eggs are RSPCA approved free range) and a variety of mixed nibbles and pressed sandwiches for lunch. I headed straight for the highlighted ‘famous’ Argos Egg, Bacon and Cheese toastie ($11).

I was surprised when I was given cutlery to eat a toasted sandwich but I understood why when it came out presented on its own wooden platter. I don’t know about it being famous but it’s certainly rave-worthy. Buttery crusty sourdough paired with two fried eggs, slices of honey-sweet free range Otway Ranges pork (free range really makes a difference to the flavour I find), melted swiss cheese and a smear of sweet sauce. This is kind of sandwich I wish I had the dedication to make at home and it was so delicious I wanted two.

However, I decided to save room for waffles ($10).You don’t often see waffles paired with whipped cream and maple syrup or ice cream and chocolate sauce on menus these days. It took me back to my teenage pancake-eating feasts at Pancake Parlour, which was the only place open late in Brisbane that I could go to when I was thirteen.

Three golden rounds arrive in a floral arrangement, each with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a squirt of chocolate sauce. While the combination was deliciously nostalgic, the actual waffles themselves were unlike any I’d ever had. More like a biscuit than a doughy baked good. Not bad, just different.

Sometimes a cafe doesn’t need to cook with trendy ingredients or be into third wave coffee to work. Argos Loves Company shines with personality and warmth and the food is comforting and familiar. Perfect for a wintery day.

For other cosy cafes on the revived end of Brunswick St, try Slowpoke Espresso and Newtown Social Club.

Argos Loves Company, 149 Brunswick St, Fitzroy +61 3 9417 7290

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