HOT: Jam and Cream, 1 Orr Street, Heidelberg Heights

jam and cream cafe

If you’re looking for a place with crafty retro charm, Jam and Cream cafe is well worth the drive to suburban Heidelberg.

jam and cream cafe

You’re welcomed into the double-fronted entrance by a mint vintage bike leaning on a picket fence – and then everywhere you turn it’s cuteness. You can choose between sitting in the indoor area, replete with tables decoupaged with old magazine clippings and dress patterns and vintage knick knacks, or ducking into the astroturfed back area from the side alley.

jam and cream cafe

If the weather’s favourable I suggest you take a seat outdoors. There’s sets of rickety garden furniture stuffed with crocheted cushions, large jaunty sunbrellas, a mini herb garden, a chook pen….and a caravan named Miss Polly that’s pink, pink, pink! The whole setting is absolutely gorgeous and full of sweet quirkiness.

jam and cream cafe

jam and cream cafe

jam and cream cafe

Jam and Cream

The menu is similarly retro and filled with the kind of food that your Nanna used to make. In fact, it’s the only place I’ve ever been that serves 16 types of scones (sweet and savoury)!

For lunch I had the pinwheel sandwiches with four different fillings spiralled into slices of fresh bread. While they weren’t particularly exciting there was a wholesome homeliness to them.

jam and cream cafe

My little dining guests shared a ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ tea party ($14.95). It was a nostalgic platter of home made treats – a mini sausage roll, honey joy, chocolate crackle, pinwheel fairy bread (with glitter dust!), a chocolate spoon, a pink iced cupcake and the lone saveloy being the only non-homemade product.

jam and cream cafe

It came with a choice of ‘little liquid’ drinks and in our case, a miniature enamel teapot filled with warm (not hot) chocolate. We had a lot of fun pouring it out into the miniature dainty tea and saucer set adorned with mini marshmallows.

jam and cream cafe

For dessert I was tempted by the home made apple pie and Nanna’s sponge of the day (both $7.50) but decided that I had to try at least one of the scone selections. For $13.95 you get two scones with a pot of tea or coffee (or a frothy hot chocolate in my case). I chose the ‘Agnes’ which were two coconut, macadamia nut and white chocolate scones. Eating scones made-to-order and fresh out of the oven lifts them to a level beyond compare and I highly recommend having some scones during your visit.

jam and cream cafe

In fact, if you’re with two or more people order the Nana’s tasting plate for $28, which consists of ten miniature savoury and sweet scones, lots of condiments and a pot of tea/coffee for two. Talk about afternoon tea heaven!

jam and cream cafe

On your way out to pay have a browse through their little store of goodies, from home made jams and sweet treats to whimsical cat tote bags.

jam and cream cafe

Jam and Cream is one of those eccentric little places with an atmosphere that is sure to amuse and delight. My three year old was as charmed by it as my thirty plus year old self! I will definitely return to enjoy high tea inside the caravan one day – a bargain at $29.50 per person for tea, mini quiches, sausage rolls, scones, cakes and other home made food. 

Jam and Cream Cafe, 1 Orr Street, Heidelberg +61 3 9457 3356

Tue-Fri 8.30am-4pm

Sat-Sun 9.30am-5pm

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HOT: Miss Marie, 45 Beetham Pde, Rosanna

Miss Marie is a cafe with an inner-city vibe catering to the discerning suburban cafe set.

The first hint of its slightly left-of-centre sense of humour is in small shrub outside its entrance. The hanging child made me take a horrified double-take before I gasped in relief to see that it was only a doll.

Inside the large room is decorated with interesting paraphernalia, including some giggle-worthy vintage advertising signs, interspersed with bright floral arrangements and cheery yellow accents set within the timber tables and in the form of the oversized pepper mills. On the speakers, some old-school tunes – Elvis, The Beatles.

The two page menu lists all-day breakfast dishes on one side and lunch on the reverse. The breakfasts are a roll call of cafe standards – eggs, muesli, toast, hotcakes – while the lunch options are more towards the bready variety, with a few departures into an omelette, pan-seared salmon and a salad on the specials board (or door – pretty nifty idea wall-mounting an old door covered in blackboard paint for listing the specials).

Although it was more lunchtime during my visit I couldn’t resist ordering the French toast ($14.50) consisting of Noisette brioche, maple syrup, grilled banana and bacon.

Look at the size of the serving! I was most impressed by the generous thickness of the brioche and the plate contained one more slice of bread than I was expecting for the price. That’s the benefit of dining out in the suburbs :–)

As far as taste goes it ticked all the right boxes – sticky sweet syrup, cinnamon-y brioche, a smokey hunk of bacon and a nicely mushed ripe banana. I think the bread and the bacon could have benefited from more time in the pan/under the grill for extra crispness and crunch, but that’s a personal preference.

The glass domes of home-made cakes and slices looked really tempting (especially the dark chocolate and walnut brownie $4.90) but given my sugary lunch I thought I’d better ease off on the sweets if I didn’t want to fall asleep driving home.

Miss Marie is a great little local cafe for Rosanna residents. As it’s across the road from the train station I expect that the pre-work crowd come in droves for their coffee and muffins. The coffee is made from 5 Senses beans using a Synesso and my sources tell me that it is fantastic.

Thanks to Miss Rosanna for the tip! My travel to this cafe was made possible thanks to the Holden Barina.

Miss Marie, 45 Beetham Pde, Rosanna

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