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HOT: The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014 awards

The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014 awards were announced tonight – did your favourites make the cut? These cafes won top honours and * indicates a cafe that I’ve reviewed previously: Top Paddock* (Richmond) – eftpos best cafe Stagger Lee’s* (Fitzroy) – best new cafe Dakdak (Moorabbin) – local hero award. Seven Seeds (Carlton) – best coffee […]

HOT: Ora Cafe, 156 Pakington St, Kew

You’d never guess what was coming out of the kitchen of Ora, a plain little cafe amongst a functional set of local shops in Willsmere Village, Kew. It’s some of the most interesting cafe food I’ve had in a while – beautifully presented, restaurant quality dishes with an inventive combination of ingredients extracting influences from Asia […]

HOT: Hellenic Republic Kew, 26 Cotham Rd, Kew

I was sad to hear that one of my local faves St Katherine’s had gone. Fortunately the site has been transformed into Hellenic Republic Kew and given that I’m a fan of the original Brunswick edition the change is not such a bad thing. I think St Katherine’s and Hellenic Republic are branches of the same tree anyway. […]

HOT: Lil Boy Blue, 309 High St, Kew

If you thought Kew was full of staid, unexciting, cookie-cutter cafes then Lil Boy Blue will make you think again. The outside wouldn’t give you a clue to the exciting, innovative and well-priced food that’s coming out of the kitchen. It’s just a glass front with some Delft-like blue and white tiles edging the frame and […]

NOT: Percy’s Aeroplane, 96 Denmark St, Kew

I know that Percy’s Aeroplane is a local favourite for many Kew residents and that’s why I made the effort to visit it. The affection for the small cafe is also evident by the steady stream of customers who greet the owner Wes by name as they order their takeaway coffees. Like its name, Percy’s […]

NOT: A Caterpillar’s Dream, Shop 4, 26 Princess St, Kew

A Caterpillar’s Dream is a glass-fronted cafe that looks out onto a supermarket carpark while the interior design is pretty non-descript standard-issue cafe style. The menu states that their dream is ‘[to] transform successfully like most caterpillars do, [so] we will see more butterflies soaring in the sky, and the whole world will become better…’ […]

HOT: Leo’s Fine Food and Wine, 26 Princess St, Kew

Kat from Spatula Spoon and Saturday has been hassling me for months about visiting Leo’s Fine Foods. She described it as ‘Simon Johnson at supermarket prices’ where you could stock up on gourmet products in a place that was still affordable enough to do your weekly shop. Leo’s is effectively two supermarkets housed in one […]

HOT: St Katherine’s, 26 Cotham Rd, Kew

So George Calombaris may not know about the calculation of penalty rates for his waitstaff, but he does know how to run a good quality restaurant. PM24, Hellenic Republic, The Press Club and now St Katherine’s all get my whole-hearted recommendation. St Katherine’s showcases mid-priced, relaxed, high quality region-influenced food and I think this Greek/Turkish/Middle Eastern hybrid […]


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