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HOT: Jellystone Cafe,179 Albion St, Brunswick

If you’re looking for a break from the bustle of Sydney Road, take a turn into Albion Street and look out for Jellystone, a cafe that’s taken over a heritage-listed bluestone house. Just inside the gate is the front courtyard with shaded tables then push open the narrow door to admire the counter filled with […]

HOT: Lux Foundry, 21 Hope St, Brunswick

Lux Foundry is one of the friendliest establishments I’ve been to recently and I can’t rave about it enough. The cafe is housed in a heritage listed building, an old stove foundry, and the decor has retained some of the rugged industrial elements while updating the look with enamel pendant lamps and classic Thonet chairs. Inside the building […]

HOT: Brunswick Flour Mill, 337-341 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Brunswick Flour Mill is a casual, pretension-free cafe in the heart of Sydney Road. As their name suggests they are an artisan bakery as well as dining out venue, with loaves, cakes, pastries and ready-made sandwiches all on offer. The all day breakfast/lunch sit down menu is not particularly fancy and frankly a bit dated […]

HOT: Small Block, 130 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Small Block is a cafe particularly well suited to the urban professional/hip and arty/young parents demographic of East Brunswick. To whit: attention to coffee – the blackboard shows the single origin bean of the day and gives a description of its particular qualities; an extensive all-day breakfast menu which has the locals lining up on […]

NOT: Miss Marmalade, 126 Union St, Brunswick

This is how much I expected to love Miss Marmalade. Monday. I borrow a car to drive through choc-a-block traffic on Alexandra Parade to meet my friend A there. On arrival, my baby vomits copiously on herself and on me. The mess is so bad that I have to drive home straight away without any […]

HOT: Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

There are certain cafes that are the perfect weekend haunts for nursing a hangover. The requisite criteria? Huge servings of hearty breakfast, lashings of coffee, nothing too fancy or complicated and good value for money. I think one of the places that does ‘hangover food’ really well is Green Refectory – and judging by the […]

HOT: Tom Phat, 184 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

There’s so much to love on the menu at Tom Phat that I wished (a) we lived closer; (b) we were more than two diners on the night I visited; and (c) I hadn’t married a man with a relatively small appetite (sorry RM!). Tom Phat serves a mishmash of South East Asian flavours with […]

Melbourne Neighbourhood Guides

Today I’m pointing you to a guest post that I wrote for the free daily enewsletter The Agenda, which delivers the best of what’s new, unknown or inexcusably under-appreciated in and around Melbourne (they also have a Sydney version). They recently featured a series of Neighbourhood Guides and I contributed Fitzroy. You can read all […]

Ask the Doctor: Eating itinerary for HOT new restaurants

Help me Doctor!: I’m going to be in town for a week – could you recommend five restaurants for me to visit, one for each day, Monday to Friday?  I haven’t been back to Melbourne in a while so would like to try some new places. – Miranda Your prescription: So Miranda, you want to […]

HOT: Shop and Cook Tour, William Angliss Institute, 555 Latrobe St, Melbourne

When it comes to Christmas and birthdays, I’m a pretty easy person to buy for. Anything food related, travel related, art related or music related is a sure bet. So big hugs and thank you to my high school girlfriends, who gifted me the perfect Jetsetting Joyce experience – a foodie shopping and cooking day. […]


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