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HOT Chat: Emmy Heikamp from Dutch Cargo Bike

By now you would have realised (a) I love bikes; and (b) I’m about to have a baby. So naturally I am very interested in baby-related bike stuff these days! Today’s HOT Chat is with Emmy Heikamp, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind Dutch Cargo Bike, a Melbourne-based company which has just started importing […]

Ask the Doctor: Where to buy Japanese ingredients

Help me Doctor!: Do you know where in Melbourne I can buy black sesame paste and matcha powder (green tea in powder form)? I have not noticed them in Asian grocery stores. – Jenny T Your prescription: Perhaps you would have better luck with a Japanese specialist grocery store? Here are a list of Japanese […]

HOT: The Pantry, 1 Church St, Brighton

Heading to the beachside suburbs of Melbourne is now a day-trip for my northside self. But not only is it geographically distant, it’s almost a foreign land compared to my local hood (which centers around the Un-Safeway of Smith Street). This is a land where fake boobs bob perkily above skinny soy decaf lattes, where […]

NOT: Time Traveler’s Wife, Palace Dendy Brighton, 26 Church St, Brighton

I dithered a bit about whether to give The Time Traveler’s Wife a HOT or NOT. It was a moderately pleasant experience and I didn’t feel like I’d wasted 2 hours of my life, but would I encourage my friends to see it? Probably not – basically because it could have been so much better. […]

HOT Alert: Week of 16 November 2009

HOT being the operative word. Lordy me, I’m definitely not a hot-weather person, hopefully this week gives us all some respite. Anyway, a bit of sweatiness isn’t going to stop this week’s social calendar: Free reader event to launch MoVida Rustica at Books for Cooks, 233 Gertrude St Fitzroy. We’ll be meeting author Richard Cornish […]


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