HOT: The Guilty Moose, 143 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

There are no moose to be found in Melbourne and who knows why it’s guilty – but The Guilty Moose is a sweet cafe in Albert Park with a neat and interesting menu and a curious name. I love that it’s open every day, bright and early at 7am for the beach joggers and dog […]

HOT: Taste of Melbourne 2012, Pelican Lawn, Albert Park

Happy Friday! The weekend weather is looking like it will hold up for Taste of Melbourne‘s new outdoor setting by the banks of Albert Park lake. Thanks to Taste of Melbourne I attended the first night of festivities and here are some of my highlights to act as a guide for your visit… For a savoury […]

HOT: Mad Cow Thursdays, Hotel Nest, 111 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

A steak for $1? Too good to be true, I hear you say. Well, on Thursdays at Hotel Nest they’ve termed it ‘Mad Cow Thursdays’ when premium John Dee sirloin steaks start from $1 for a 125g steak! The catch is that you’re likely to be spending more than $1 as the larger steaks cost […]

NOT: Misuzu’s, 7 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

I wanted to like Misuzu’s, I really did. Out of all the cafes and restaurants in the Victoria Avenue strip, I thought that Misuzu’s sizeable crowd of alfresco diners signalled that the kitchen must be producing something good. Also, the restaurant was rated second on Urbanspoon for the best Albert Park restaurants. On entering, I […]

HOT: Hausfrau, 123 Bridport St, Albert Park

Albert Park is surely the ultimate suburb to find glossy blonde ladies-who-lunch, so what better place to set up a cafe called Hausfrau? Hausfrau Albert Park is the sister cafe to the original Hausfrau in Yarraville and it opened two weeks ago. The cafes look similar with their quaint tea salon decor, except that the […]

HOT: Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbet, 83 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

Given the far-reaching reputation of Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbet, I was surprised to discover that it occupied such a small space on Victoria Avenue. But the unassuming storefront belies the high quality icecream made daily (by Jock!) offered inside. Anyway, there’s no way you can miss the store, as the heat of summer brings […]

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