HOT: Rose Street Artists Market, 60 Rose St, Fitzroy

Rose Street Artists Market 60 Rose St Fitzroy

The Rose Street Artists Market has been on my to-do list for at least five years, but for some reason I could never make it for the Saturday market. Fortunately, the market has now expanded to the whole weekend – perfect as I think Sundays are much more conducive to browsing and gushing.

The market is held in a indoor-outdoor area just off bustling Brunswick St and it is filled with artists and designers selling their work direct to the public. You can find stuffed elephants, knitted baby booties, Japanese prints, vintage clothing and lots of handmade jewellery and if the browsing becomes too much for you, have a coffee and a bite to eat at the Kanteen. As many desirable things as there were on sale, my only purchase was a cute little woollen jumper ($10) for my friend’s baby.

Rose Street Artists Market 60 Rose St Fitzroy

You can read all more about the market and the artists in their blog. You can also read about some great items I picked up on my most recent visit to the markets here.

HOT: Salvos Store, 81 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford

Check out the triangular vase at the front

I know, I know, I’m becoming obsessed with charity stores and cheap glassware. But how could I resist when I cycled past what appeared to be the Salvos Store flagship? Endless rooms and shelves and racks of mustiness and potential treasure!

And treasure I did find:

  • large swathes of fabric remnants, useful as jar covers for home-made jam;
  • tubes of old buttons for my haberdashery-captivated friend Jenny;
  • ‘Modern German Food’ for hausfrau Ev. I didn’t end up buying it because it contained the following intriguing inscription: “14 February 2002. A German Valentine present from a German girl Lily to an Aussie boy Bernie. Reason: A wonderful time and lots of fun.” I wonder what became of Lily and Bernie and how the book ended up in a charity bin?
  • another intriguing display of new bridal gowns. What heartbreaking stories had caused these dresses to remain unworn? [Postscript: I’ve now discovered that 70 new gowns were donated by a wedding dress store. They’re priced from $50-$350 and most are in size 8-10 because they’re samples. Not such a romantic story then!)
  • a triangular glass vial ($1), perfect as a bud vase and a worthy addition to my bud vase/cheap glass jar collection (see vase at the front of the pic); and
  • the bestselling CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet cookbook ($4).

HOT: Vinnies Centre, 121 Johnston St, Collingwood

Yesterday a thought popped into my head that I should buy a baking dish.

Today I spotted the perfect dish in the window of my local Vinnies Centre. It was meant to be – a $2 white Corningware dish! My charitable contribution to St Vincent de Paul Society also extended to:

  • one clip-lock plastic container $1;
  • two glasses beakers to be used as bud vases $1 each;
  • one set of plastic cup measures $1; and
  • Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb $2 (a un-Valentines Day present for RM)

HOT: Lost and Found Market, 12 Smith St, Collingwood

Lost and Found Market 12 Smith St Collingwood

Lost and Found Market 12 Smith St Collingwood

RM has been very patient with my new found penchant for retro lamps, so off I dragged him to Lost and Found Market. This indoor market is smaller than Chapel Street Bazaar but runs on the same idea – stall holders have a small space to display their secondhand wares, ranging from clothes, accessories, furniture, books and prints. Obviously you need to have the patience to trawl through a lot of stuff, but there were lots of treasures to be found. Kartell cabinets and stacking tables, old school desks, Planet lamps, and a red toy car all caught my eye, but luckily RM was much more practical than me and we didn’t end up buying anything, although I was sorely tempted by the pretty umbrella for $29 (as opposed to the body shirts for the same price).

Lost and Found Market Smith St Collingwood

Lost and Found Market 12 Smith St Collingwood

HOT: Chapel Street Bazaar, 217 Chapel St, Prahran

Poking around a market is the perfect Sunday activity for me, and luckily RM was happy to indulge in my new-found passion for retro furniture. Chapel Street Bazaar, a treasure trove of unusual vintage everything, yielded not one, but two wonderfully restored and reasonably priced 60s lamps – a blue one for him, a red one for me. I was thrilled with our purchases, but unfortunately it just got me started on the whole retro furniture thing. We’ve just begun our season of Mad Men, and while I enjoy the story and like the costumes, I’ve developed the annoying habit of squealing ‘lamp!’ ‘chair!’ ‘table’ every time I spot something I like…