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HOT: Sunshine Pho Fever, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014, Sunshine

Pho is pho is pho – right? WRONG. This Vietnamese rice noodle soup is a dish which many people hold dear to their hearts. Everyone has their favourite haunts and a discussion about where in Melbourne to find the best pho in Melbourne leads to much passionate and parochial debate. My Vietnamese friends always maintain that […]

HOT: Laksa King, 6-12 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington

In my daily life I don’t have much cause to go to Flemington…except to visit Laksa King. If a place hangs its shingle on a single dish, then you’d better believe that the laksa at Laksa King is outstanding. And while the menu boasts 120+ items of Malaysian and Chinese food, the must-have dish is definitely […]

NOT: Kokoro Ramen, 157-159 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

In the documentary and cross-cultural love story ‘Banana in a Nutshell’ there’s a funny moment where the Chinese girl and her Anglo boyfriend argue whether cereal is a breakfast food or ‘anytime’ food. It mirrors the kind of conversations that I’ve had with RM before – to me cereal is only for breakfast, whereas he thinks […]

HOT: Shanghai Street Dumpling, 342 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

A couple of years ago RM and I had a week’s holiday in Shanghai. We ate ourselves silly in all manner of restaurants, with a particularly memorable dumpling gorge at Crystal Jade which is still my gold standard for dumplings worldwide (well, limited to the dumpling places that I’ve tried around the world). Shanghai Street […]

NOT: Mrs Noodle, 487 Swanston St, Melbourne

It was a case of mistaken identity. Mrs Noodle and I were not supposed to meet. My date with dinner was bibimbap at Big Mama, but feeling a bit harried in the torrential downpour and spying a ‘Mama’ restaurant sign from the tram, I jumped out and found myself getting drenched in front of Mrs […]

NOT: Noodle Kingdom, 175 Russell St, Melbourne

Did I miss a trick with Noodle Kingdom? I had read a heap of favourable reviews about this no-nonsense handmade noodle joint, including raves from The Age, Herald Sun, Eat Drink Stagger and Eat My Radish (some of them albeit about the Preston branch) and in need of a quick dinner one night I decided […]

HOT: Sichuan Dining Room, Mid City Arcade, Shop 3-5, 194-200 Bourke St, Melbourne

While I aim to write the decisive guide to Melbourne, sometimes it is very hard to be decisive. As I was writing this post Sichuan Dining Room had me veering from HOT to NOT to HOT to NOT again. As you can see  in the end I’ve leaned towards HOT. Mainly because our meal was […]

HOT: Pancake Dessert House, Shop 18, Mid-city Arcade, 200 Bourke St, Melbourne

When I visited Gold Star Noodle House recently, I noticed the enormous lunch time queues for the nearby Pancake Dessert House and made a mental note to visit at some stage just to see what the fuss was about. The next week, I was looking for a quick pre-movie dinner option and thought of the […]

HOT: Singapore Chom Chom, 188 Bourke St, Melbourne

One advantage of living in a multicultural urban centre like Melbourne is the myriad of opportunities for trying out new cuisine with friends of different ethnic backgrounds who can guide you through the menu maze. On my first visit to Singapore Chom Chom, I was glad that S, a Singaporean, was on hand to explain […]


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