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HOT: Mutti’s, 118 Elgin St, Carlton

As winter approaches I am really starting to indulge in my love of hearty comfort food. While I love all food, in all honestly I don’t get that excited by salads or a sorbet – but I love a good pork belly roast and melting chocolate pudding. Mutti’s is a German endearment for ‘Mother’ and […]

NOT: Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Tea House, 141 Queen St, Melbourne

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery is the art gallery of the International Buddhist College of Victoria – but most Melbourne foodies know it as FYG Gallery, the home of great Buddhist vegetarian food. The tea house is not an easy place to find unless you know about it, as the street signage only indicates the […]

HOT: Newtown Social Club, 180 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Newtown Social Club is a low-key neighbourhood café which the posers of Brunswick Street are unlikely to give a second glance. That’s a good thing for the rest of us, as the small space only has  a window-facing bar and some vintage vinyl 60s swivel chairs tucked next to the small tables. It’s quiet and […]

NOT: Coda Bar & Restaurant, Basement 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

I know I’m going out on a limb here. I’m sure I must be the only person in Melbourne who wasn’t impressed by Coda. But at least I have the Jetsetting Parents to back me up on the NOT verdict. Trust me, I really wanted to like Coda given its mountain of rave reviews, but […]

HOT: Cocoro Japanese Pottery & Cafe, 117 Smith St, Fitzroy

Japanese. Jazz. Tea. Pottery. Who would have thought all those elements could work together so successfully in one place. Cocoro is first and foremost a lovely restaurant which serves high quality Japanese food. The prime position is the leather couch by the bay window, but if you’re dining it’s probably better to sit upright in […]

HOT: Rockpool Bar & Grill, Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman St, Southbank

I normally avoid restaurants that are chains, headed by celebrity chefs, housed in casino complexes and specialise in steak. However, my first experience at Rockpool and I’m converted. Neil Perry’s RockPool Bar & Grill in the uber-slick corporate confines of Crown Melbourne is a resounding HOT. As you walk through the entrance corridor you’re surrounded […]

HOT Chat: Stef Dadon and Elise Kausman of Up & Comers Fashion Market

We interrupt our usual blogging schedule today to bring you this week’s HOT Chat a couple of days early. That’s because Stef Dadon and Elise Kausman are launching the Up & Comers Fashion Market this Saturday 15 May, and of course you need to know about it now rather than on Sunday. RMIT Graduate Stef […]

HOT: Tutto Bene, Shop 28, Mid Level Southgate, Southbank

Friday afternoon on Twitter: @jetsettingjoyce: Going to a concert at Melb Recital Centre. Dining black hole. Any suggestions for nearby dinner (not EQ, always end up at EQ)? @tephdee:  tutto bene at southbank does great risotto http://www.tuttobene.com.au/ [an hour later] @jetsettingjoyce: oh my I looooved Tutto Bene! Look out for HOT review and thanks for […]

NOT: Mecca Bah, 55a New Quay Promenade, Docklands

There was a time a couple of years ago where restaurants Mecca and Mecca Bah were HOT, HOT, HOT. Then Mecca was sold off and Mecca Bah shifted to Docklands. I think it’s been off the Melbourne foodie radar ever since. Mecca Bah takes up a prime position in Newquay as the glass-housed restaurant juts […]

HOT: Bar Lourinha, 37 Lt Collins St, Melbourne

Every weekday Bar Lourinha has a different lunch theme – Mondays are lamb stufato, then comes flaming chorizo diablo, paella valenciana and goat special. For Fishy Fridays I had expected a large fishy lunch dish – maybe some fish stew? Apparently not. It seems that Fishy Fridays just indicates that on Fridays some of the […]


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