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HOT: Cutler & Co, 55-57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Cutler & Co is the most hyped restaurant in Melbourne. I take great pleasure in pricking the hype-bubble in HOT OR NOT, so while I was excited to finally score a booking on a Saturday night, my guard was up. Did it really deserve the superlatives thrown at it by Melbourne’s restaurant reviewers and food […]

HOT: Cumulus Inc, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

In New York City, Dulcinea offers ‘a wholesome indulgence’ every Wednesday by subscription, whether that be jumbo rhubarb muffins, a blueberry lemon pound cake, or a half dozen strawberry scones. Similarly, Le Dolci is London’s first weekly cake club where subscribers can receive a bundle of home-baked goodness such as biscotti, scones, brownies, pies and […]

HOT: Goshen, 189 Smith St, Fitzroy

I heart heart heart heart Goshen. Authentic hot and spicy Korean food, lovely presentation, a calming interior of dark wood and delicate stencils on green-tea walls and super-friendly smiley staff. It’s easily my favourite cheap eat in Melbourne and the sole (Seoul – guffaw) reason I want to visit Korea. I could just leave the […]

HOT: The Pantry, 1 Church St, Brighton

Heading to the beachside suburbs of Melbourne is now a day-trip for my northside self. But not only is it geographically distant, it’s almost a foreign land compared to my local hood (which centers around the Un-Safeway of Smith Street). This is a land where fake boobs bob perkily above skinny soy decaf lattes, where […]

NOT: Authentic Thai Taste, 92-94 Johnston St, Collingwood

Authentic Thai Taste is renowned for being one of the best Thai restaurants in Melbourne – the full house of Thai people on a weeknight is evidence of that. So where did we go wrong? We’ve had two attempts at weekday takeway from Authentic Thai Taste now and neither of the experiences have really encouraged […]

HOT: Auction Rooms, 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

Auction Rooms is a casual cafe/restaurant set inside the old WB Ellis auction house in North Melbourne. In fact, the long wooden floorboards, exposed beams, distressed brickwork and high ceilings hoisting a series of whirring fans reminded me a lot of the interior of an airy Queenslander home. It seems like the kind of place […]

HOT: O’Connell’s Centenary Hotel, 407 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

After a brief wander through the South Melbourne Night Markets, C and I found ourselves in a South Melbourne black hole. Both of us were familiar with daytime cafes in the area, but where to go for dinner? Fortunately, we remembered the gastropub O’Connell’s. This beautifully restored pub is in a quiet residential area of […]

HOT: Brunetti, 214 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Given the heatwave that we’ve been experiencing in Melbourne lately, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to eat icecream for lunch. Scooping gelati under the shade of a big umbrella makes me feel like I’m on holiday! Brunetti in City Square is perfectly located for a working icecream lunch. The small counter has a selection of […]

HOT: Speakeasy Cinema, 1000 £ Bend, 361 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Speakeasy Cinema is one of the newest cinema experiences in Melbourne and I loved its hip, low-fi aesthetic. A ramshackle collection of mismatched chairs. Nostalgic lolly bags and ice creams for sale. Milk crates to steady your drinks. The whole experience made me feel like I was going at an underground film event crossed with […]

HOT: Tour of the Obsure, Church Street Enoteca, 527 Church St, Richmond

One-hat Church Street Enoteca is one of the more notable Italian restaurants in Melbourne’s inner city, so I was very excited when Ron O’Bryan, the head chef at Church Street Enoteca, offered myself and other bloggers (My Food Trail, Melbourne Gastronome, Tammi Jonas and Cooking with Goths) the opportunity to join other food lovers in […]


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