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HOT Chat: Akisa from BeautySwatch

You may remember that at the Nuffnang Christmas party I met Akisa, the brains behind a cool beauty website called BeautySwatch. I liked her idea so much (a huge colour library containing swatches for thousands of lipsticks) I thought you might be interested to hear more about Akisa and her work with BeautySwatch. Hi Akisa, can […]

HOT: Funky Curry and Vindaloo Against Violence, 164 Bourke St, Melbourne

Today’s post is a bit of a mishmash – my views on a serious issue as well as a light-hearted food review. Firstly, you may or may not have been aware that last Wednesday 24 February was Vindaloo Against Violence day. Melbourne, Victoria and Australia has been subject to some shameful local and international press […]

HOT: The Social Studio, 128 Smith St, Collingwood

Fitzroy/Collingwood seems to be the hotbed of social enterprise businesses in Melbourne (see my review of restaurant Charcoal Lane), and in late 2009 another one opened around the corner from me – The Social Studio. The Social Studio is a non-profit fashion studio space staffed by approximately 20 young members of Melbourne’s refugee community and […]

HOT: Gastronomica Slow Food Quiz, Collins Quarter, 86A Collins St, Melbourne

I’m known as a bit of a foodie amongst my friends. However, at food quiz Gastronomica I discovered that my small font of knowledge was nothing compared to the food nerdiness displayed by the rest of Team Phat Preston, including food bloggers Tummyrumbles, Melbourne Gastronome, Tomato, Eating with Jack, Essjay Eats and Eatnik. In fact, […]

HOT: Mamma’s Boy, 13 Little Collins St, Melbourne

I’m not sure who ‘Mamma’s Boy’ refers to, but for me the name of this cafe’s name conjures up images of mothers all around the world urging their sons to ‘Eat up!’ ‘Mange!’ ‘Chī fàn!’. Certainly their cabinet selection of fresh-looking pre-made sandwiches, appetising sit-down lunch menu and cartoon recipe blackboard encourages you to get […]

HOT: Ramen Ya, Shop 25G Melbourne’s GPO, 350 Bourke St, Melbourne

After the success of the inaugural Dumplings Fest, a bunch of food bloggers/tweeps gathered for the next [Insert Food] fest – this time in honour of ramen. Sadly, good ramen joints are hard to find in Melbourne (although I’m predicting that they’re the next big dining trend, after izakayas and gastropubs have their time in […]

HOT: Grace Darling Hotel, 114 Smith St, Collingwood‎

There was a time when the grungy Grace Darling was the kind of pub which you’d cross the road to avoid. Now the pretty brick and stone building has been given a good clean-up and on a sunny day you’ll find the pub full of youngsters spilling out on the pavement tables and filling up […]

HOT: Trippy Taco, 48 Smith St, Collingwood

You want HOT? You got HOT! At hippy Trippy Taco, you can get XXX HOT. Just pour some of the XXXtra HOT chilli sauce that’s provided at each table on top of your quesadilla, taco, taquito, burrito or nachos. It delivers nose-sniffling, mouth-numbing heat and is the perfect antidote for the drooping summer swelter. Trippy […]

HOT: Shoya Japanese Restaurant (Part 2), 25 Market Ln, Melbourne

After my previous post on dinner at the high-end Japanese restaurant Shoya, many people recommended that I try their more affordable but equally delicious lunch menu. So, to take advantage of a quiet day at the office, I joined my friends J and A for the $28 Shoya lunch set. You get a LOT of […]

HOT: Beatbox Kitchen, around Melbourne

Mobile food vans are nothing new. But a mobile food van that looks like a big stereo is pretty cool. Raph owns the Beatbox Kitchen and serves up burgers and fries in locations trackable only via Twitter. He pulled up in front of the Lamington Drive gallery opening  of Risographica! on a wet evening and […]


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