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HOT: Candied Bakery, 81a Hudsons Rd, Spotswood

Candied Bakery in Spotswood is a bakery and café that’s a direct thumb-your-nose at those I Quit Sugar acolytes. If you’re quitting sugar then steer clear – there’s too much temptation inside. If, one other hand, you are unabashedly NOT quitting sugar then Candied Bakery is a place where sweet tooths die and go to heaven. […]

HOT: Cobb Lane, 13 Anderson St, Yarraville

The Eagle Has Landed. Matt Forbes, British baker and pastry chef extraordinaire and whose wares have been popping up all over Melbourne’s best cafes, has opened up his own bakery café in Yarraville and called it Cobb Lane. The name evokes a cosy, slightly hidden establishment wafting aromas of freshly baked cob loaves and that’s […]

HOT: The Little Man Café, 158 Victoria St, Seddon

On a cold and windy morning the first thing that struck me as I entered The Little Man Café Seddon was the bright airiness of the decor. Pushing over the door was like basking in a dose of Scandinavian sunshine – the kind that illuminates the sky for 22 hours in a day. It made […]

HOT: Axil Coffee Roasters, 322 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

Why did the blogger (who doesn’t drink coffee) cross town to visit Axil Coffee Roasters in Hawthorn? No, not to get to the other side. Because Axil Coffee Roasters do more than just roast coffee – they put on a magnificent spread from the kitchen, 7 days a week starting from the wee hours of the […]

HOT: The Stables of Como, Como House and Gardens, cnr Williams Rd and Lechlade Ave, South Yarra

For a cafe that’s not on a high street or eating/shopping strip, The Stables of Como is one super-busy eatery. It’s a spacious place (though not cavernous) and on a weekday lunch hour there was still a  queue for an indoor or outdoor table. And it wasn’t just the ladies-who-lunch and the yummy-mummies of Toorak and South […]

HOT: Twenty & Six Espresso, 594 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

Bored of the same old cafe breakfast menus of toast, muesli, eggs and pancakes? Never fear. At Twenty & Six you’re not likely to meet any smashed avocado on your plate. You can still order the breakfast classics but why would you when you can use the opportunity to explore the creative dishes being offered […]

HOT: The Fair Foodstore, 135 Church St, Richmond

Corner stores are a great thing for neighbourhoods, but a corner coffee shop is an even better thing for creating a sense of local community. The Fair Foodstore is that kind of cafe – a charming little eatery alongside the trundling number 78 tram. It doesn’t attract much foot traffic other than from the residents […]

HOT: The Grain Store, 517 Flinders Ln, Melbourne

The Grain Store is a beacon of beauty hidden amongst some really ugly buildings in the Beirut end of Collins Street. If you’re looking for it, just avert your gaze from the horrendous multi-storey carpark with flashing red neon lights. Your hurting eyes will alight on a small doorway shielding a soft, blonde wood, glow […]

NOT: Percy’s Aeroplane, 96 Denmark St, Kew

I know that Percy’s Aeroplane is a local favourite for many Kew residents and that’s why I made the effort to visit it. The affection for the small cafe is also evident by the steady stream of customers who greet the owner Wes by name as they order their takeaway coffees. Like its name, Percy’s […]

HOT: Tour de France at Depot de Pain, 693 Rathdowne St, Carlton North

In case you’ve been sleeping, the great bicycle race Le Tour de France is currently on. It’s probably the only sporting event in the world which includes a regional cheese introduction and provides an opportunity for cow spotting. To get into the spirit of other French things – like croissants, baguettes and cafe au lait […]


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