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HOT: The Age Good Food Guide 2012 Winners!

The winners of The Age Good Food Guide 2012 Awards were announced last night. Here is the complete list of winners, some with my previous reviews – congratulations! Vittoria Coffee Restaurant of the Year – Attica Citibank Chef of the Year – Dan Hunter, Royal Mail Hotel Regional Restaurant of the year – Loam Best New […]

HOT List: Bike-friendly cafes in Melbourne

How are you enjoying the beautiful weather this week? I’m going to ride my bike and enjoy some lunch. The Wheeler, a quarterly magazine about cycling culture in Melbourne, recently compiled a comprehensive list of bike-friendly cafes in Melbourne. Being a cycling and cafe fan (though not of the road racing lycra-clad variety), I thought […]

Ask the Doctor: Melbourne Top 10

One of the most oft-asked questions for the doctor is a list of must-dos for a weekend trip to Melbourne. When answering, I assume that most visitors are either aware of or have done the usual ‘touristy’ stuff. So here are my Melbourne Top 10 to do/eat/see suggestions which are slightly more hidden, in no […]

HOT Spots Winter 2010

Once again the City of Melbourne have produced a free pocket-sized booklet full of lots of ideas to inspire you to get out of the house and enjoy winter in Melbourne. This is a post to bookmark! I sat down with a cup of tea and flicked through the booklet, which you can pick up […]

Happy blog birthday and thank you!

Exactly one year ago today I welcomed the first few readers to MEL: HOT OR NOT. Since then, the site has grown and grown and grown, with many new people reading, commenting, agreeing and disagreeing over the past 12 months. If you weren’t here for MEL: HOT OR NOT’s modest beginnings, join me for a […]

HOT: Marvellous March in Melbourne

I’m all for comfort food, opaque tights and scarves (I think it’s a reaction to growing up in sunny Queensland) – yay for Marvellous March! Marvellous March is also the name of a handy little booklet produced by That’s Melbourne with details of the big events around Melbourne that will make you love autumn. This […]

HOT Gig List – April to June

As promised, our ex-Melbourne, currently London-based music guru CC is back with her Melbourne HOT Gig List for the next few months. You can follow CC on Twitter at http://twitter.com/CC_in_London. Thanks CC! Hey peeps, it’s me again, with your definitive guide to some of the upcoming HOTTEST gigs in Melbourne! In addition to my HOT […]

HOT OR NOT List 2009 (Part 2)

Continuing on from yesterday’s fun exercise of listing my Top 3 HOT OR NOT experiences of 2009, here’s Part 2 of the list. What are your top 3 HOT or NOTs for 2009? 11. HOT 3 Fun things I could only do because I was unemployed Pick and Eat Winter BBQ at Heide Museum of […]

HOT OR NOT List 2009

As the we count down to the close of 2009, I thought that I’d jump on the ‘best of’ lists bandwagon and reflect back on 10 high and low moments for MEL: HOT OR NOT in 2009. So, I present the inaugural HOT OR NOT List 2009! 1. HOT 3 Theatre shows that made me […]

HOT Gig List

Today we say hi to my new guest blogger CC, a cool ex-Melburnian who now calls East London home. Skinny jeans aficionado, mosh pit veteran, classical pianist now electric guitarist, CC will be bringing you news of upcoming HOT gigs in Melbourne. Her motto is ‘with great musical wisdom, comes great musical responsibility’ and this […]


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