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HOT: Preston Zly and the Red Shoes, Preston Zly Studio, Rear 219 Smith St, Fitzroy

I first saw the movie The Red Shoes as a child, fascinated by the beauty of the ballet, the fabulous costumes and the ultra-glamorous London-Paris-Monte Carlo life it depicted in scratchy 1940s Technicolour. So I was very excited to see that one of the free events being held as part of State of Design 2010, […]

HOT: Buttonmania, Level 2, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne

It amazes me that Melbourne can support a business that specialises in buttons. But then again I think out of all the cities in Australia, Melbourne is the home of the artisan, the handmade and the unique, hole-in-the-wall shop. Not generally being the crafty type I’ve never had reason to visit Buttonmania until now. Their […]

HOT: Costco Wholesale, 381 Footscray Rd, Docklands

Costco was nothing like I expected. What I was expecting was an outsized version of Aldi, full of cheap generic goods imported from random Eastern European countries, rather than name-brand products. I was expecting it to be large, but not the size of a football field. I was expecting an eclectic assortment of items, but […]

HOT Chat: Stef Dadon and Elise Kausman of Up & Comers Fashion Market

We interrupt our usual blogging schedule today to bring you this week’s HOT Chat a couple of days early. That’s because Stef Dadon and Elise Kausman are launching the Up & Comers Fashion Market this Saturday 15 May, and of course you need to know about it now rather than on Sunday. RMIT Graduate Stef […]

HOT: Mozi Autumn Store, Shop G03, Collins Two3Four, 234 Collins St, Melbourne

Update: The store is now permanently at this address! Today’s post is Public Service Announcement: it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. And if you’re stuck for a gift idea, let Mozi help you. Melbourne-based homewares and gift brand Mozi has set up an autumn store in the CBD until 13 June. From kitchen essentials to bathroom […]

HOT Chat: Jacqui Alexander of Skinny Nelson

So the fashion big guns are at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney this week. On the other end of the spectrum, Melbourne provides such fabulous support for emerging young designers and I like to do my bit. So today’s HOT Chat is with Jacqui Alexander, an experienced fashion designer at the tender age of […]

HOT: Smart Alec, 71 Smith St, Fitzroy

Need a smart hat? Let Smart Alec help you. Michael Albert, the owner of Smart Alec, stocks a large assortment of hats, from straw boaters to top hats to the Truffaux panama hats (as seen at the Melbourne Design Market) as well as stylish cufflinks, man-bags, walking sticks and leather gloves – basically all the […]

HOT: Eco Fashionista AW10 Preview Night, Eco Fashionista showroom, 74 Moor St, Fitzroy

Autumn, my favourite season in Melbourne, has finally arrived. A new season means a new excuse to buy a lovely outfit, so I was thrilled to check out Eco Fashionista‘s preview of the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection at their brand new showroom in Fitzroy. The showroom, which is open for viewing by appointment, is located in […]

HOT: Oak Off Chapel, Level 1/33 Simmons St, South Yarra

One of the things I love about Melbourne is that it’s a city that nurtures and encourages creativity. Maybe it’s because we don’t have fabulous weather all the time (though personally I love it) or pretty beaches to swim in, but Melburnians really seem to enjoy delving into their own creative headspace. The vibe of […]

HOT: Marvellous March in Melbourne

I’m all for comfort food, opaque tights and scarves (I think it’s a reaction to growing up in sunny Queensland) – yay for Marvellous March! Marvellous March is also the name of a handy little booklet produced by That’s Melbourne with details of the big events around Melbourne that will make you love autumn. This […]


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