HOT: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Designer Series Show 4, Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston St, Melbourne

Show Four of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week explored the street style of the urban Melbourne palette. So naturally, black. The cliche is true, even for Spring and Summer collections Melbourne designers above., ALPHA60, Carly Hunter, Claude by Claude Maus, FAT, Jack London, Limedrop, Tesla and Trimapee brought us lots of midnight,  jet, raven and ebony. The hip and noticeably younger crowd reflected back with their own confident take on funereal hues.

Before entering this show I had the opportunity to try out the Napolean Perdis Beauty Lounge. Amazingly there was hardly any line for the expert makeup and hair touch-up, and it was nice sitting on the comfy couches watching the action while I waited. The makeup artist applied some blended neutral eyeshadow, rather severe looking bronze blush and crimson laquered lips. I was too embarrassed to take have my photo taken while in the chair but I was quite chuffed to receive a few compliments on my makeup afterwards – red lipstick is definitely my look.

Anyway, back to the clothes. For me the standabout show was Trimapee . I’ve never seen their clothes before and while I can’t say I would necessarily wear everything, I found myself excited by what was on offer. It was intelligent, conceptual and highly textural – it made me want to grab it, turn it over, look a little longer and see the interesting details starting to emerge. In second-place was above. I liked the burnt orange, cream and steel grey palette, I liked the cutouts in the back of garments and I liked the twisted draping.

And I was right about quiffs, yo. It was on the catwalk, it was in the crowd, male and female Elvis fringes abounding. Oh that and men with shoes and no socks is my prediction for the big trend for summer :–). Works well in St Germain Paris, not so sure about the Australian heat. Remember the talcum powder boys and no cankles please.

Once again, some of my favourite shots and a slide show at the end. Enjoy!

PS If you want a more detailed description of the looks on offer, check out the writeup from my date for the night, Poppy from Poppy Gets a Life.

HOT: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Designer Series Show 3, Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston St, Melbourne

Another night of fashion at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, this time for the young and fresh looks of Alice McCall, Arabella Ramsay, Bettina Liano, Gorman, Leopold, LIFEwithBIRD, Manning Cartell, Nevenka, Nicolangëla, Obüs and Wayne Cooper.

My tongue-in-cheek conclusion: quiffs are in fashion. Big quiffy fringes are not really my look, but they sure add height to models, and ‘edged out’ (as Tyra Banks would say) some of the more feminine and frilly looks of this parade. My neighbour’s fashionable quiff also managed to obscure many of my camera angles, so you’ll have to forgive the quality of some of the photos. Excuses, excuses…

I don’t proclaim to be a fashion journalist, so for what it’s worth Nicolangëla and Wayne Cooper provided most of my picks of ‘things I liked and that I would actually go and buy’. What can I say, I have a penchant for cocktail and evening dresses, not so much cutesy bum-grazing hemlines. And for me the very last dress worn by the face of MSFW, Lucy McIntosh, was the most swoon-worthy (by Wayne Cooper). Glamorous, slinky 30s style black silk gown, modernised by an oversized asymmetrical frill. Seriously sexy yet elegant. LOVE IT.

Here are my favourite images and a slide show of all the photos for you.

HOT: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Designer Series Show 2, Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston St, Melbourne

You’d be forgiven for not realising with this cold and rain that it’s actually Spring in Melbourne from today.

With Spring comes Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, the fashion festival that’s the baby of the bigger Loreal Melbourne Fashion Week in March.

I was lucky enough to be invited to watch the collections being shown in the Designer Series runway shows at Melbourne Town Hall. For what could be more hotter in Melbourne than fashion?

Unfortunately I missed Show 1 so my coverage starts with Show 2, featuring the luxury fabrics and embellished threads of AG Arthur Galan, Akira, Aurelio Costarella, Christine, Collette Dinnigan, Gwendolynne, Lisa Ho, Megan Park, Thurley and Yeojin Bae.

In general, I loved this show – the elegance, the grace, the Veronica Lake curls and glamorous goddess gowns skimming wasp waists and all that chiffon floating around long legs. If only I had more opportunities to wear beaded gowns in my life! Or a corseted bodice. Or be so careless with my laundry and my finances as to have everything made in silk.

For those who couldn’t make it to the show I tried to take as many photos as I could of the garments – so here’s a selection of my favourite images plus a full slideshow for you.