HOT: Anada, 197 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

If you have a Monday birthday there aren’t too many options for a birthday meal, so I was delighted when Tranzie suggested that they treat me to dinner at the Spanish restaurant Anada, one of those funky Gertrude Street places that I just never got around to trying before. The chef has previously worked at […]

HOT: Alice in Wonderland, Cafe Vue, Little Collins St, Melbourne

As I mentioned before, my birthday treat from my parents was dinner and drinks at Cafe Vue. It wasn’t as busy on Friday night as I was expecting, so we had our pick of the outdoor tables (with overhead heaters). For the next three hours, we tripped through Alice in Wonderland with drinks in hand, […]

NOT: Gigibaba, 102 Smith St, Collingwood

Today I welcome my first ever guest blogger, Tranzie. The binary rating system is catching on! Here’s her potentially controversial NOT for Gigibaba: hey, we tried gigibaba last night and the food was so delicious, the atmosphere was great and they had a great wine list (where you could buy your wine in odd portions, […]

HOT: The Sartorialist at Cutler & Co, 55-57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

The Sartorialist’s blog is so famous that even my mum follows him. So you can imagine the tsunami of anticipation that engulfed Melbourne’s fashionistas when Time Magazine’s top 1oo design influencers announced that he was holding a party to meet his Melbourne readers. Oh dear, what to wear??? Given that most of my wardrobe was […]

HOT: Cookie, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne

While this blog is new, many of the entries are of old Melbourne favourites. I’ve been eating and drinking at Cookie ever since it was first launched as Kookoo. Kookoo was threatened with legal action by Koko at Crown, which meant a hasty, and still-evident, paste job on the dining room wall to reinvent itself […]

HOT: City Wine Shop, 159 Spring St, Melbourne

So, the end. Or rather, a beginning…. Tonight marked the official end of my two years’ journey overseas – I was back in Melbourne for good. I didn’t have a job, a permanent place to live and half my friends weren’t around any more. RM and Tranzie were waiting for me at City Wine Shop […]

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