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HOT: Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant, 23 Bank Place, Melbourne

I haven’t  been to Syracuse in over five years and it seems that it hasn’t changed too much. Still the dramatic draped curtain at the entrance. Still the strong attention to wine. Still lovely food to share. I was thinking about why I hadn’t been back to Syracuse for so long and I think it’s […]

NOT: Dangerous Melbourne, Next Wave Festival, Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier St, Fitzroy

NOT: Dangerous Melbourne, Next Wave Festival, Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier St, Fitzroy

When I was reading through the Next Wave 2010 Festival program, the show Dangerous Melbourne caught my eye. “Is living in Melbourne a danger to your a) health b) wealth c) safety d) sanity? Are you taking outrageous risks a) riding down Collins Street b) walking home at night c) just waking up every morning? […]

Ask the Doctor: Alkaline diet and raw food

Help me Doctor!: As me and my man are trying to eat drink and live as healthy as possible after years of ABS FAB nightlife (and daylife) we are eating as much alkaline food as possible. Can you tell me where I can find places that serve alkaline diet food or sell it? If you […]

HOT: Mutti’s, 118 Elgin St, Carlton

As winter approaches I am really starting to indulge in my love of hearty comfort food. While I love all food, in all honestly I don’t get that excited by salads or a sorbet – but I love a good pork belly roast and melting chocolate pudding. Mutti’s is a German endearment for ‘Mother’ and […]

HOT: Corporate Audio Visual, 103 Boundary Rd, North Melbourne

HOT: Corporate Audio Visual, 103 Boundary Rd, North Melbourne

When RM and I were planning our wedding I vetoed a dance floor, wedding waltz or bouquet throwing – but the one thing he did insist on was speeches. So I asked on Twitter whether anyone could recommend a good microphone/AV rental company. Thanks to Miss Kish, we found Corporate Audio Visual and spoke to […]

NOT: Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Tea House, 141 Queen St, Melbourne

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery is the art gallery of the International Buddhist College of Victoria – but most Melbourne foodies know it as FYG Gallery, the home of great Buddhist vegetarian food. The tea house is not an easy place to find unless you know about it, as the street signage only indicates the […]

HOT: Newtown Social Club, 180 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Newtown Social Club is a low-key neighbourhood café which the posers of Brunswick Street are unlikely to give a second glance. That’s a good thing for the rest of us, as the small space only has  a window-facing bar and some vintage vinyl 60s swivel chairs tucked next to the small tables. It’s quiet and […]

The MEL: HOT OR NOT Editorial Policy

I received a comment recently that MEL: HOT OR NOT is becoming overly commercial and can no longer be considered an independent source of information. I felt a bit yuk after hearing that and I take that feedback seriously. For the record, I earn an average of $25 a month in advertising and affiliate revenue […]

HOT Chat: Sarah Butler of Organic Angels

Fitting in the time to shop for good quality, healthy food is one of the challenges of my busy life. It’s too easy just to grab takeaway or fast food when you’re on the go, but I value my health and my wallet too much to do that regularly. So what to do? Organic Angels […]

NOT: Robin Hood

So our film guest blogger Yalin didn’t think much of Robin Hood, giving it barely 3 stars… I would have loved to be at Cannes to see the reactions of the critics after seeing Robin Hood.  Ridley Scott claims to have made the most historically accurate Robin Hood film, and while it may be the […]


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